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24 Complete Series Box Set Worth Buying

24 complete series box setThe 24 complete series set is one of a range of best price DVD box sets on sale at the moment and many people are wondering if its actually worth buying. Well in my view 24 complete series box set is worth buying however it obviously depends on the type of TV show you like.

I have always described the show to my friends as being like James Bond or Bourne but on speed! There is just so much action going on that you simply can’t take your eye off it as the show is literally a thrill a minute. 24 was originally broadcast during a golden era of American TV that also included hit shows like Lost and Prison Break and this has led to unfair comparisons between the shows. Its often been said in the media if you like the above mentioned shows then you will like 24 and despite them being quite different shows I would have to agree.

The thing which makes the show’s DVD box set worth buying for me is the fact that it is so addictive and I don’t know any sane person who doesn’t get addicted by it. My girlfriend isn’t normally a fan of these types of shows however on a rainy Sunday I managed to persuade her to watch an episode with me. I promised it would be just the one then we can change to anything she wants. She hastily agreed however as soon as the first episode finished she said “ok lets watch the next”. Then when that was finished she said it again, and again! She ended up being more hooked then me!

This truly is a show that is one of its kind in so many ways and if you haven’t yet watched it all the way through then the DVD box set is a great way to do so.

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