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A Buyers Guide to an Altimeter Watch

altimeter watchAn altimeter watch is otherwise known as a wrist altimeter. Most often, it comes with other useful features such as the barometer and compass. A wrist altimeter is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts because it gives one an estimation of his elevation. It usually works with a barometric sensor for determining the atmospheric pressure of a certain place. This reading will then be used to identify the elevation. Therefore, the altitude reading will vary if there are changes in the air pressure. The key is to calibrate the watch correctly so that it will be able to offer nothing but accurate readings.

An ideal time to calibrate your altimeter watch is when you are in a trailhead. This is a spot where the degree of elevation is known or at a constant. After which, you should occasionally recalibrate in other spots with identified elevations. A map can be used to identify these spots. Once you do this regularly, you will be able to get yourself used to the fluctuations that the wrist altimeter may have and then recalibrate as needed.

Before buying your own wrist altimeter, it would be helpful if you do some research on what features should be found ideally on this watch. One of the most important things that should be found is an altitude alarm which alerts the user when he has reached a predetermined elevation. The altitude resolution should be within the range of 1 meter to 5 meters. To help you determine the time it takes to reach a particular spot and to have an approximation of your time of arrival, the watch should have a feature called the rate of ascent and descent. Having a weather alarm or forecaster will also be beneficial because it will help you identify ahead of time if there is an incoming storm.

A compass is commonly integrated into an altimeter watch. The electronic type is commonly used which will have to be calibrated before use. It is important for you to have access to a time keeping device that is highly accurate. An atomic clock will give you the precise time. It will be wise to go for consumer replaceable battery. Most often, batteries on altimeter watches will last for a year. One should also think about the kind of materials used for the watch. Metallic materials are not advised for frequent outdoor use because they wear down faster.

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