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A Little About Car Battery Prices

car battery pricesMany people can get really confused and even frustrated when buying a new car battery because they find out how greatly the price of a new battery can vary by. If you’re lucky you won’t need to pay much more than $60 for a new one but people increasingly have to pay out more than $100 for a suitable model for their cars these days. In this article we’re going to discuss car battery prices and all the various costs you need to be aware of when buying a new one.

First of all how much does a new car battery actually cost? Well, this depends on the group size of the battery, the CCA rat and the warranty size amongst other things, usually car battery prices range between $40 and $120. I usually advise people to pay little attention to the actual price of a battery because there are other things you have to worry about if you want to get a good deal, a large warranty is one these things. I always try to get at least a 3 year warranty, the average car battery should last at least 3 years but if it fails before hand at least you know you’re covered.

Try to get a free installation when you buy a new car battery, many retailers offer this as standard but you need to check before hand. Replacing a battery can be a messy job and it’s best to leave it to the professionals, battery acid can ruin your garage flooring. The single most important thing when buying an auto battery is ensuring you purchase the right one which will work in your car, for this I rely on, if you give them enough details about your car they’ll be able to tell you which battery is right for it.

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