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A More Durable Laptop with a Better Laptop Carrying Cases

laptop carrying casesMaybe you have two computers, a standard desktop PC and a laptop. On the other hand, maybe you decided to buy a laptop and do not have a static computer at home. When you decided that you needed a portable laptop, your main reason was definitely its mobility. In laptop ads, they say that you can take your working environment with you to anywhere you go. If you are working from a computer, this is a correct assumption. However, your working environment needs serious protection while you take it from one place to the other.

Some companies decrease the level of humidity in their environments and use special dust filters to protect the sensitive circuits of their computers. Do you think the circuits in their computers are more sensitive than those in your laptop? Of course not, your laptop can be affected from the environmental factors just as bad as its desktop counterparts.

Therefore, your laptop must also be protected with extreme care from its natural enemies.
It may be raining outside there might be a sand storm, or a vehicle passing by can raise dust just as you are crossing the street. To protect your laptop from external factors like these and from others that do not even cross your mind, you must use a good case for laptop. If you make an internet search, you will see that there is a wide range of varieties for laptop carrying cases.

The most preferred laptop cases are those that can be used like a backpack. The fact that they are the most preferred cases does not make them the best choice. First of all these cases are not waterproof. They have no shock absorbing properties and they do not even have a thick, protective frame to keep the laptop safe. They have a porous texture and they cannot even protect the laptop from dust particles.

The best cases you can find in the market are waterproof hard cases with a built in shock absorbing foam layer, which also acts as a dust filter. These cases may add weight to your laptop and make it harder for you to carry it around. However, if you can find a case made of titanium, the overall weight of your laptop and its case would not be much more than that of a backpack carrier.

Carrying your laptop in a low quality case is like parking your Ferrari on the side of a street. Your laptop deserves better!

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