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All About Tall Centerpieces for Weddings

Tall centerpiecesTall centerpieces for weddings look very elegant and stylish; however, they can be cumbersome because of the fact that they can sometimes block the view of guests. Experts recommend sing centerpieces which have a maximum height of 12 inches. Using anything taller than that will render your guests blind. You want your guests to have a good view of the ceremony and the things happening in the wedding. If you really cannot avoid using tall centerpieces, make sure that your vases are slim or transparent. Here are a few tips for tall and cheap centerpieces for the wedding.

What you need to do is to take a floral stand and place it on the middles of the table. Get an Eiffel tower vase or a trumpet vase and put it on the floral stand. The vases you are going to be using are taller and thinner than most vases you see today. Before you do anything else, you have to make sure that the vase is stable; you would not want it falling on the table or getting broken.

Because of the fact that you are using taller vases means you will have to use flowers with long stems or the flowers will drown and you won’t see them. You can get long stemmed roses, orchids and other types of flowers. You will have to prepare for the cost because long stemmed flowers are more expensive that the normal flowers. Aside from the flowers, you will have to include some greens. Make sure to arrange them beautifully. Put the flowers in the center and surround it with the greens.

Repeat the same procedure on all the tables and you can also tie the flowers and plants together with a nice ribbon so that they will no open spaces and they will be brought closer together.

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