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Android Watches That Will Impress

Android watchesIf you are looking for a stylish, futuristic, classy, expensive looking watch that you can wear and show off without looking like you are trying to show off that you need to check out the Android line of watches.

Android has been around since 1991 and has put itself on the map by quietly becoming an industry leader. It’s been featured in movies as well. NOT just product placement cameos, these are part of the plot type of action! One of the most iconic Android watches is the dual face which is the one featured in the futuristic blockbuster movie! The dual face is an eye catcher and screams style. However it’s is also function and very useful for anyone that does work in dual time zones. Just set one to your home timezone and one to your work timezone and you’ll never have to pause to do the conversion when you are on business.

Androids are nice without the huge price tag that usually comes with this amount of bling. You can expect to spend between $300 to $800 for a nice offering from Andoid. However, they do offer some limited edition models that can run you $1,000 – $3,000 and up if you want to really put some value on your wrist.

If you are are trying to picture what an Android will look like on your arm, think of some of the Gucci Watches but then picture a more modern, sleek futuristic watch with longer aerodynamic looking lines. In other words if a really cool alien were to abduct you tonight from you bedroom, this is likely the watch he would be wearing :-)

So take a look at Android watches and see if you aren’t impressed.If you are impressed then just think of what you friends are going to think! With and entry price of $300 – $800 you really can’t go wrong!

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