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Animal Bracelets for All Occasions

animal bracelets Silicone animal bracelets are so popular at present, particularly to kids. These bracelets are commonly known as silly bandz or animal bands. These are types of rubber bands that are made of non-toxic silicone and are are formed into different animal shapes. They are very elastic so that when they are not worn, they return to their original shape. They are available in different colors as well as in different shapes. Despite the name “animal bands,” they also come in alphabet shapes, holiday shapes, princess shapes, sea creature shapes and many more. Aside from wearing them as bracelets, animal bands can be used in many other ways.

For kids, these silicone bracelets are also used as a necklace or an anklet. They do not wear these bracelets in singles rather they wear as many as they can fit on their arms. Some kids even trade their silicone bracelets with their friends and classmates that have different designs. Others also use these bands to tie their hair. Thus, they are not only used for fun but as fashion accessories as well.

Kids are not the only ones who use animal bands; adults are getting on on the trend as well. They have even been seen on celebrities. Like a regular rubber band, they can be used to hold documents and keep pens, pencils or other writing materials together. They can even be used to hold money, credit cards and a driver’s license if a wallet is not available. In some cases, teachers use these bracelets as a reward to a good student. Parents also use these bracelets as a give-away during children’s parties.

Indeed there are so many ways to use silicone animal bracelets. Although they look like toys for kids, teens and adults can also use them. For a very cheap price, you can have a pack of a multipurpose shaped silicone bracelets.

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