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Backpack Purses Win the Heart of Little Girls

backpack pursesOver the years, a backpack purse has become a wise choice of bag not only for adults but for little girls as well. Its best feature is the convenience of carrying it on the back and keeping the hands free to do other things. But this feature may have a disadvantage for little girls if parents don’t choose the right one properly. A child’s body is different from an adult’s in the sense that it is still undergoing changes. It is not yet fully developed. Therefore, too much weight on their backs can alter their bone structure and may lead to deformations. Ideally, experts say that the weight a child can carry should not be more than the 10% of the child’s weight so as not to have adverse effects on the child’s health. It is wise then that parents should be meticulous in choosing the right backpack purse for little girls especially with regards to size and how it fits well to the child. It is also wise to choose backpack purses with two straps to provide more ease in carrying it.

Little girls can be choosy at times. They have their own preferences in design. But one should not rely on the judgments of an innocent child. Size and comfort of a bag comes first before considering the design. But this doesn’t mean that one should disregard the design altogether. After deciding which ones are ergonomically perfect for the child, then the child can choose which design she wants. This may even inspire the child to go to school.

Rolling backpack purses are also ideal for little girls. It is convenient and easier to carry. Though some schools have restrictions on the type of bag the children can carry. Some schools prohibit rolling types or those designed with cartoon characters. It is best to check with the school first before buying.

Customized backpack purses are also a sure hit with little girls. It allows them to be imaginative and artistic. They can put on any design they like. They can even put inscriptions on it with their names. It can also be wise to further personalize the bag by putting a contact number and address so that the backpack purse can be easily returned once it gets lost. Customizing backpack purses is not expensive. A little girl can easily do it at home.
With the different styles and sizes to choose from, backpack purses can surely win the hearts of little girls and parents as well.

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