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Beach Cruiser Bikes

beach cruiser bikesBicycles have been in existence since the 1800s and nowadays, there are over a billion of bikes that can be found worldwide. Bicycles or bikes are a primary means of transportation in some areas, to some people they a good form of recreation. And when you talk about a bike that you can use both as an efficient means of transport and recreation, then you are probably pertaining to bikes from schwinn beach cruiser. Not only this but bikes can also have usages in military and police services that patrol vehicles cannot provide such as running across traffic jams.

Bikes come in many types, from fitness bikes for adults up to children’s tricycle. But if functionality and style is the subject, the very best would be beach cruiser bikes. When we talk about the types of bikes that is available in the market, then it will be utility bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes, and BMXs. Utility bikes are the standard bikes that is used as a practical means of transportation. Nothing is quite special about this bike, however, if you intention is to have a bike just to have an economic way of transportation, then this bike best suits your needs.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are bikes that are upgraded in terms of design and resilience to withstand the stresses that off road adventure brings about. Among the “add-ons” of a mountain bike are the multiple-speed gears to make an uphill ascend on a steep mountain much easier, also, these gears gives the cyclist a full control over speed.

Race bike is another type of bike that is specially designed for its purpose. Race bikes have a smaller pneumatic wheels compared to other types of bike. In addition to this, the steering handles of race bikes are usually lowered to give a cyclist a crouching position giving them a better aerodynamic posture, hence greater speed. Lastly, BMXs are bikes that are specially made for activities like stunt biking and bicycle motocross.

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