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Padding Your Wallet With Left Over Carpet

Bound carpet remnantsLeftover carpet pieces are ideal for the frugal shopper. They are pieces left-behind after an order for carpet has already been filled by a supplier, and shipped to the customer. These pieces are not knock-off portions they are the actual product just smaller versions. Bound carpet remnants means these sections are wrapped, tied up, and ready for sale. Written on a sales tag, or directly on the cellophane wrapping will be the style and dimensions of the piece of flooring. These products are superb ideas to cover small areas, and even large areas. Small pieces are great for dorm rooms, play rooms, and entranceway’s. With a little due diligence one could find a large enough fragment of carpeting fit for an entire living room, or bedroom. If all that is needed are a few slices to protect existing flooring, or to cover up old ones, then these are most appropriate. There is really no shortage of brands and styles if one is willing to take the time to search for them. They can be found at carpet and flooring stores, home improvements stores, and discount warehouses. If one is concerned about fraying, or keeping the fragment in place on a hardwood, or tile floor then is a number of methods to combat both those scenarios. Fraying can occur with any type of rug; therefore, prevention is the best medicine. Using an appropriate adhesive method is the best way to prevent this from happening, but if it does occur then simply snipping away the threads and using a seam sealer should do the trick. Finally, carpet prices can be outrageous. This alternative is a great way to save money. If time is not a factor, then taking a moment to bargain shop will also help to cover and pad one’s wallet.

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