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Business Letterhead boosting your Company Brand

Any serious company should a have a business letterhead.  Which should consist of your company name, company’s logo, and the contact information of your primary office location. This not only serves as a means of correspondence, but it is also a professional representation of your company and your company brand or image.  With that being said any official written correspondence to employees, customers, clients, and any other official business should be done on your business letterhead.

A few key factors to consider when deciding what type of business letterhead to use.  First and foremost, maker sure you company logo is on the letterhead, but more importantly, make sure you try to use a version of your logo that will print well in both color and black and white.  Remember not everyone has a color printer.  Your letterhead should look attractive and eye catchy, without any flaws.  Like your business cards, your must ensure the contact information on the letterhead includes the must current and correct information.  Feel free to include your company’s s tag line and if it suitable, include some of the services that are provided by your business.   A perfect and elegant letterhead add a higher level of professionalism and help further your company branding efforts.

Another major reason that company purchase and invest the time and effort to create a profession letterhead is that it increases your company’s credibility. Using your letterhead for any important business correspondence, such as an employment offer letter, health benefits summary, or any other business related document, will give the receiving party confidence to believe what those letters say. With that being said, they will believe that the letter, memorandum or announcement came from you, your department or your firm with no questions asked.  This also very important in legal binding situations. For example, a CEO or the president of your company can make a policy decision and implement it by distributing the announcement using the importance of the company letterhead. Your employees will read it and trust that this came from the company.

Use your business letterhead wisely.

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