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Buying Guide to Choosing a Mens Gold Bracelet and White Gold Necklace

mens gold braceletCelebrity stylists to high-profile male clients that include Hollywood A-List actors, professional athletes, rock stars, and Internet millionaires are announcing gold as the hot new fashion accessory for men. Gold is not too flashy, but has a strong visual appeal that gets noticed and complimented on. One iconic piece of subtle style is the mens gold bracelet.

It delivers understated elegance that people are visually impressed with. Another very popular piece of mens quality jewelry is a white gold necklace. Both of these fashionable jewelry pieces have their own special uniqueness and flair. In this guide on gold jewelry we will be strictly focusing on 14K mens gold bracelets and white gold necklaces.

When shopping for a mens gold bracelet you will be impressed with the different looks available. 14K gold is the most popular base precious metal preferred when considering jewelry designs for a bracelet for a man. There are two tone varieties that include 14K yellow and white goldenness. There are also 18K and 24K gold that is used in bracelets. In this buying guide we are covering the most classic and traditional pieces that deliver eye-catching appeal without having to be gaudy. They are crafted by using 14K as the base precious metal and hip designs as the visual appeal for the piece.

Mens gold bracelets have a rich tradition as fashion accessories going back years. The ancient Greeks and Romans adorned their wrists with bracelets. In todays modern times it is important to look good when you are in a business or social setting. Styles of mens bracelets that are excellent choices are the ID bracelet, Cuban link, classic golden nugget, Turkish rope, and other designs. Each can fit any dress code and event from casual to formal.

The white gold necklace is a versatile and terrific looking item of jewelry that can be worn alone or used to accent a pendant, medallion, cross, or other charm that you want to show off. Byzantine, Franco, cable, and Cuban link are some of the most popular designs that are featured being worn by celebrities when shown on magazine covers. These radiate a sense of power and fashion confidence. Shopping for a mens bracelet or necklace is best done online where you can see the most inventory and get a great price.

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