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Campervan and Bicycle Insurance

bicycle insuranceThere are a lot of typical auto insurance products made available by multiple vendors. There are also some relatively obscure vehicle insurance products that are out there. This article will focus on two of these: bicycle insurance and campervan insurance.

Campervan insurance is normally in the same category as insurance for recreational vehicles, but usually not in the same class as other vehicles of similar size such as commercial trucks and vans. Campervans will tend to have a smaller season where they are used. Of course, the other components that may influence this fact are whether or not this vehicle is a daily driver, i.e. whether it is driven daily as a primary means of transportation.

A lot of people that own campervans have these as daily drivers, especially if you get into the Volkswagen crowd or those who own the old school VW buses. Not all of these are in the same category as some may be used for camping, others used for transport only. They may, however, be seasonal depending on where they are driven as they may not be the best option for winter-time driving. Something that will vary by each individual case.

The other product that is sometimes overlooked is bicycle insurance. This is less common in areas of the world where a car or truck are the primary means of transportation and much more common in larger cities in Europe where the bicycle is the main means of getting a good percentage of the population around.

The idea behind bicycle insurance is that the bike itself is insured against vandalism or theft. There are several policies and options available to cover any number of different things related to replacement or repair. As theft can be a common problem, there are also some specific requirements that insurance carriers will make in order to insure the bike, including helping to determine the type of lock and specific areas that you won’t be able to leave your bike. So for either of these two types of insurance, talking with a rep or getting an online quote may be a great place to start your search.

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