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Cat Games Online to Teach Your Child Responsibility

cat games onlineTeaching your child to play cat games online and other online pet games can be a fun and enjoyable way to entertain your young one and give him some good clean fun and something constructive to do.  Many of these games teach responsibility by challenging your child to “virtually” own and care for a pet.  Lets talk about a few of the better cat games available online.

Marapets is a free site that offers 21 online worlds and lots of dress up dolls.  Each player can customize his own online profile and create their own free website.  Learn to dress up your pets in cute clothes.

FooPets is another free cats game that allows the player to adopt a cat or kitten and several choices of cat breeds are offered.  In making your adoption choice you get to consider the cat age, gender, and breed.  The player is expected to play with the animal and feed and water him so the cat stays healthy and happy.

Guffins is a website where you get to pick your pets color and more.  You can pick from cats, dogs, skunks, pigs, and monkeys to name a few.  You must play with your pet and walk him each day as well as feeding and watering.  You can even choose from a large selection of gifts to give to your animal.

Adoptme is a website where you can choose to adopt from cats, dogs, horses, turtles, snakes, and fish.  The player is expected to care for his newly adopted animal.  You new pet will have its own blog and a profile page.  He will be able to join a pet group, send greeting cards to other pets, enter a Pet of the Month contest, and dress up in cute clothes.

Cat Care is a fun game where the player must be the cat sitter for a host of kittens.  The player must feed, bathe, and play with the cats.  Plays can rack up points by doing a good job of keeping the kittens happy, clean, and well fed.

These are but a few of the many cat games online that can create a learning experience for a small child.  Teaching responsibility at an early age is great for any kid.

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