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Causes of Severe Neck Pain

causes of severe neck painHave you experience severe neck pain? Symptoms usually include pain in the neck that spreads into a certain area depending on the cervical nerve root that is affected, weakness in certain muscles and other signs. So what actually causes the compression of the cervical nerve roots? Here are the common causes of severe neck pain ;

Cervical herniated disc. The cervical bones in the cervical spine are cushioned with cervical disc. Sometimes out of injury or trauma in the neck it can cause the inner soft gel like material to be out of place and this creates pressure on the nerves. Road accidents can cause it or even a simple turning of your head and a violent sneeze can result to herniated disc in the neck.

Degeneration of the Cervical spine. Also known as cervical spondylosis or lateral canal stenosis. This condition often occurs in older patients. The changes actually occur in the bone which involves bony outgrowths, swollen and enlarge ligaments and bone spurs. In some instance it may not cause symptoms immediately. But when this bone spurs extends to the spinal canal it can cause more compression and irritation to the nerve resulting to pain.

Cancer or Infection. Not very common cause but it can happen too and can turn to be Just as serious as other causes mentioned above.

That is why it is very important that you consult your doctor immediately when you feel pain or any discomfort in your neck. It is important that your doctor can diagnose the cause of the pain as early as possible so that proper treatment can be given as early as possible. For cervical disc problems, it can be treated using non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. Consult your doctor about it since this treatment is not for everyone. Your doctor knows regarding the best treatment for you.

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