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Changing Your Oil with an Oil Drain Pan

oil drain panThe changing your own engine oil is a job that anyone can do. It’s a great way to save money on car repair and maintenance expenses and at the same time you can gain more experience in doing your own repairs which can give you more confidence to move on in this area in the future.

For changing your engine or other are some things that you need to get ready first. To begin with you need the right tools absolutely essential on this list is a set of car ramps. This is the only safe way to get under a car at home. Don’t use the jack in the boot that you change the tire with, it’s just not safe to get under a car supported by a that. It’s not designed for that use, don’t do it.

After the jacks you’ll also need an oil drain pan this is a large basin that can be used to hold the oil when it pours out of the oil pan. They don’t cost much money, typically less than $10 and are well worth it.

If you don’t like getting your hands dirty a set of oil resistant gloves can be picked up for around $30. You’ll also need an oil filter wrench to remove the old filter. You don’t need to use it to add the new filter back because this should only be tightened using hand force.

Finally you’ll need to refill the oil pan with the best engine oil available. Because of the additives included in the oil to change the way oil behaves in different weather conditions and the cleaning and protective capabilities of the oil, you should use an API (American petroleum Institute) approved oil. This is your guarantee of quality oil. Most well known brands will meet this standard.

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