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Cheap Health Insurance

cheap health insuranceDo you hate paying your insurance premiums because it seems like all your extra cash is getting funneled into payments that aren’t even giving you anything directly? At least when you pay your cable bill, you get to watch tv, and groceries give you something to eat. Unless something bad happens, you don’t use your insurance, aside from routine doctor visits. This best way to deal with this dilemma is to find ways to cut your insurance premiums down and save money on them.

If you’re buying life insurance, look for a more affordable option, but be smart about it. Whole life insurance is the better pick, but it usually costs more. However, if you get it when you’re very young, the cost will be much less and you can lock in the rate. Term coverage is a more affordable option, but decreasing term life insurance should be reserved for mortgage insurance and the like. For example, when you get insurance for your mortgage, if you die before it’s paid off, the insurance will pay it off. However, your rates stay the same but the benefit decreases as you pay it off. It’s still a good thing to have and supplement an affordable life insurance policy with.

Health insurance is the big type of insurance that you must have. Unfortunately, many people don’t have it. The first place to look for cheap health insurance is with your employer. Not every employer offers health insurance, but if you’re a full time employee and it’s offered to you, it can be considerably cheaper. First of all, you’ll get a group rate, second, your employer may very well pay a large amount of it.

If you’re self-employed, look for a place to get better insurance such as through your local chamber of commerce. High deductible health insurance is a less expensive option, but there is still a high deductible to pay. It’s better than nothing. However, some people find high deductible policies work great because they are able to save money on the side to pay for potential deductible payments, and they are in good health.

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