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Cheap Tents or Trailer Tents

cheap tentsGetting ready to go camping for the first time?  You aren’t alone!  With more and more people having to tighten up their budgets camping has become a good alternative.   Before packing up the car and getting to the campground and setting up one of those cheap tents or trailer tents you found, here are a couple of tips that should get you on your way to enjoying a fun camping trip.
Your tent is one of the most important, if not the most important, gear you will bring on your trip.  Many hours will be spent in it and if you choose the right one it can last you for many years.  Getting a tent with a footprint or rain fly is one way to make sure your trip is comfortable.  However, there is no need to worry if your tent doesn’t come with one of these items.  A tarp will do the trick as well.  These things will help prevent water from getting in and it will help prevent tears, so it will last longer.
Once you have your tent it is a good idea to set it up at home, if you can.  This gets you to be familiar with all of the parts and it also helps to see if it came missing parts or with any defects.  You can also spray a hose or sprinkler on it to see how well it will hold up to water.  If it doesn’t you can get some seam sealer and a spray that will waterproof your tent.
Also, before you get to your campsite, you want to make sure you have one!  Many campsites can be reserved with a small fee in advance to your trip.  The most popular places will fill up their spots very quickly, so make sure you know you have a spot reserved before getting there.
Most importantly be ready to have a relaxing trip with your family!

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