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Checking Out The Competition

Want to know what your competitors are doing? Before you wear your spy hat on, you need to know that checking out the competition does not really require private investigation. You can find out what your rival businesses are doing in a fast and easy way without any false pretenses. Where can you find that place where they will be promoting their product aside from their stores? Simple. You will most likely find them at their bannerstand or trade show exhibit at the industry show.

How are you going to have a leg up over your competitors in a trade show? Whether you have a pop-up stand at the same show or not, you can freely look at what they have to offer without seeming like a spy. The best way for you to understand their business better is to be upfront about it. Introduce yourself and tell them what you do. If you’re lucky, you can even establish a good relationship with them to help compare ideas and industry trends.

If you’re feeling a bit iffy about approaching your competitor’s booth, you can ask a friend or a partner to do the checking for you. Give them some guide questions to ask, so after the trade show you will be more equipped to understand what they are doing differently. They could also tell you about their experience as a potential customer. Most likely, they will try to get in touch with your contact even after the trade show is over, so you will also be exposed to their marketing strategy even days after the event.

Trade shows are great ways to get to meet a lot of industry experts, potential clients and new customers. Finding out what the competition is doing does not have to be taken in a negative sense. You can in fact promote an alliance for future events. Unless your products are exactly the same, there has to be at least one area of expertise that the other is more knowledgeable on; combining both forces can make an excellent partnership without having to be sneaky!

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