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Choose Ikea Folding Bar Stools

Ikea folding bar stoolsIf you live in a city apartment, it is always a possibility that your place will be cramped. Bulky pieces of furniture would not do, considering that these will eat up almost all the available space in your home. Ikea folding bar stools are an ideal solution to the space issue in your living quarters.
The Ikea folding bar stool, which is also known as the Franklin stool, is ergonomically designed so that it enhances sitting comfort and comes with a feature that saves space. When the stool is not in use, you can easily fold it up (it folds flat) and store it away until it will be needed again. The Franklin stool is manufactured to be suitable for bars 35 3/8″ high, but there is no stopping you from using a number of these stools as your dining chairs.
Apart from the space-saving features of the Franklin stool, it also comes with some safety features. Its legs are tipped with tough plastic so that it does not slip when someone is sitting on it. The plastic feet also do not leave scratch marks on wooden or vinyl floors. A safety latch at the bottom of the seat prevents the chair from folding up when being moved.
The stool has a back rest and foot rest, staying true to its promise of utmost sitting comfort. The back rest and the seat are made from birch veneer with a clear acrylic lacquer finish. The foot rest, meanwhile, is made out of reinforced polyamide. The steel tubular framing of the stool’s legs have a protective coating of epoxy-polyester powder, ensuring durability.
There are three colors to choose from: birch veneer, oak veneer, and white. All color options are accented by the stool’s silver framing.
Being made from ecologically friendly materials, Ikea’s Franklin stool is an ergonomically designed space-saver that is truly a welcome addition to your home furnishings.

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