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Choosing a Jewelry Box for Men

mens jewelry boxMost jewelry boxes sold to women are larger, general purpose cases. Jewelry boxes for men tend to be smaller and geared to a more specific type of accessory. This isn’t surprising, since only a couple of jewelry categories are purchased by men in quantity: watches, cufflinks, and occasionally rings. The top selling storage solutions for men are watch boxes, cufflink boxes, and valet boxes.

Watch Boxes

Watch boxes can come in small capacities, but they’re generally designed for larger watch collections—often from three to a dozen watches. The watches collectors buy are too expensive to make an ad hoc cubbyhole like a dresser drawer an acceptable storage solution. A watch box offers multiple lined compartments for keeping luxury watches separate—each with a padded cuff to keep the watch secure so that it doesn’t rub against a hard surface. Boxes can come with clear lids for displaying watches on a desktop or shelf, or they can come with covered lids that can feature a mirror or additional pockets on the inside for smaller accessories.

Cufflink Boxes

Cufflink boxes are quite similar to a watch boxes: they’re specialized cases available in clear-lid and covered-lid versions. Cufflink boxes with covered tops usually have a mirror on the inside, but no extra pockets. They also lack cuffs or extra compartments for other types of accessories. Some boxes can store up to 36 cufflinks, though most have smaller capacities.

Valet Boxes

For the man who doesn’t have many watches or cufflinks, a valet box might be the best storage solution. Valet boxes and trays have several general purpose lined compartments for rings, cufflinks, coins, and ear buds. They also have one or two watch-specific compartments with padded cuffs. Most valet boxes are small, and used for traveling, but they can be more than adequate as permanent accessory storage for the casual jewelry owner.

Choosing a mens jewelry box depends largely on the number and variety of accessories that need to be stored. If you have more than a few watches or cufflinks, you’ll probably want a watch or cufflink box; otherwise a valet box will do the job.

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