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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

cushion cut engagement ringsCuts and shapes! Shapes and cuts! What on earth is that all about? All you want is one of those cushion cut engagement rings.

You don’t want an emerald cut or a heart cut. None of those oval cuts, pear cuts or radiant cuts. And definitely not a Trillion, radiant or Princess cuts. Too confusing – lets keep it simple, very simple.

A cushion cut look like – well – a cushion is a square or rectangular shape. The light refracts and reflects well off the 60 or so facets (the angles cut into the diamond to reflect light) this cut has.

The cushion cut however is not easy to find. Although popular a century or so ago, it is not so popular now despite its excellent good looks. You may need to look at a number of different jewelers or perhaps look at a catalogue to find the one you want and special order it in.

If you have to order it in, chances are it will be a simple loose stone. You will still have to decide what kind of setting you will want for the stone.

You may choose a simple solitaire arrangement with only the cushion cut diamond taking center stage and all the attention. In that case, it almost doesn’t matter what type of setting you choose, since they will all look good.

You may choose to have the center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds to add accent to the setting.

And of course there is is what kind of setting metal that you want. You may want something as simple (and low cost) as silver but I would suggest that a sterling silver setting would be too plain and would not capture the beauty of the diamond.

I think you should at least go with a 14k or 18k (preferred) yellow gold setting. A 10k setting would tend to look and feel ‘cheap’. A 10k gold setting would be more in line with cheap moissanite engagement rings.

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