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Difference Between Roman Shades And Plantation Shutters

Roman shadesWhen people look to purchase window treatments of any kind, they tend to compare the different varieties that are available in the market or on online stores. Most people try to find the differences between Roman shades and Plantation shutters. The descriptions provided by the manufacturers or retailers in both cases about these window treatments will be similar as both of them have been designed for a specific purpose. The difference that people notice, in most cases would be the price at which these and treatments will be available to them.

Plantation shutters being made from wood, vinyl or aluminum are likely to cost a lot more than Roman shades. At the same time they will also last for a longer time than Roman shades. The colors that Plantation shutters will be available in will be limited, though; people will have an option to give them a makeover at any time of their choice. Maintaining Plantation shutters is easier when compared to Roman shades, but they will also be rather heavy in nature, due to the type of raw material used in the making.

Roman shades can give a soft appearance to the home of any person as they are made from fabrics. People wishing to have Roman shades installed will be in a position to choose the type of colors, they want for shades. However, unlike Plantation shutters, people will never be in a position to get the colors of the shades changed at any time that they wish to. They will be required to change the entire set of Roman shades that have been installed. Roman shades can cost a lot cheaper than Plantation shutters as people will have the choice of choosing the quality of material that has to be used in the making. They are also not likely to last for as long as Plantation shutters, but will, however, serve the purpose for at least 8 to 10 years if used properly. Apart from differences that have been mentioned here, the basic purpose that Plantation shutters or Roman shades remain the same.

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