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Double Size Bunk Beds For Kids

double size bunk bedsWhen shopping for furniture for a child’s bedroom, you will find a wide selection of double size bunk beds due to their functionality and appeal to both young and older children.

A double bunk bed has the same size mattresses as a twin bed, making it big enough for most teens, making it a purchase that will last for many years to come.

A double bunk bed makes the best use of space in a child’s bedroom by taking advantage of the available vertical space. This is a real benefit as a child’s room is typically smaller than a master bedroom, but children enjoy having their own space where friends can come over to visit and sleep over.

For a family with two children sharing the same room, these beds will provide the privacy and space that is needed. In addition, children find them to be a fun alternative to traditional beds.

Typically there are two major styles of these types of beds. The first type features two twin mattresses, making them an excellent choice for siblings to share a room. The other type has a mattress on top, and a futon on the bottom. This type provides for extra seating for older children to relax while reading or watching TV, but quickly converts to another bed when needed.

As always, when selecting children furniture, be sure it is a quality piece that is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure children put on it. Try a stress test, by actually shaking the rails, to make sure that there are no weak parts that could injure a child.

A double size bunk bed is a great purchase for any child’s room. Parents will appreciate the space it saves and the ability to grow with the child’s needs. Kids will love the extra sleeping space it provides for their friends and family.

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