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Drug Combination for Heartgard Plus

Heartgard PlusParasitic infestations are quite common among animals, particularly to household pets. Parasites can be found anywhere. It may affect the ears, skin, stomach, and intestines. However, a specific type of parasites can affect more important organs in an animal’s body which includes the lungs, heart and liver. This is called the heartworms. Such parasites are fatal to animals, especially to dogs. An infected dog might contain thousands of heartworms living inside the blood vessels. If not treated, death is most likely the consequence.

Heartgard Plus is the most effective drug when it comes to treating and preventing heartworm disease. It is a combination of two of the greatest drugs in eliminating worms in the body. The first ingredient is the ivermectin. This is an antiparasitic drug that causes neurologic damage to the parasite. Thus, this damage leads to paralysis and death of the parasites. It specifically targets the larvae of the heartworms. Killing this life stage of the disease stops further increase in the heartworm population.

Another drug used in Heartgard Plus is pyrantel pamoate. This drugs is effective in getting rid of intestinal parasites such as hookworms and roundworms. When you’re dog is on Heartgard Plus, make sure that you maintain a good personal hygiene since dogs may pass out stools with worms on them. Hookworms and roundworms can infect humans too. Thus, maintaining a clean environment at home greatly prevents the transfer of the parasites from your dogs to humans.

You will need a prescription when buying Heartgard Plus on actual stores and pharmacies. However, when buying online, they require no prescription for Heartgard. It is indeed convenient for many pet owners. It not only saves time and effort, you can also avoid extra fees that veterinarians charge for every visit on their clinic. If you are pretty good in searching for online shops, you can really get a great deal with pet medicines.

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