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Easier Showers with Shower Caddies

Shower caddiesThese days a lot of people have multiple products in their bathroom showers. Most of the time these cause more confusion than convenience. More than once people have probably used facial wash on their hair or shampoo as shaving cream or toothpaste as body wash. Once you get a shower caddy for your bathroom, these problems will never arise again, and you will never confuse your bathroom products again.

Shower caddies have divisions or pockets usually to organize your bathroom essentials. For students who change residence or travelers who are constantly on the go, a portable shower caddy is the best option for them. They will never have to unpack and pack several times in a trip just to lay out all of their bathroom essentials.

In addition to organizing your bathroom products, shower caddies can also save a lot of space in your bathroom. This will do best in walk in shower or wet rooms where there is not much space. Shower caddies can be hung on shower enclosures, placed in a corner against the wall, or hung by the faucet or on the side of a bathtub.

The installation of a shower caddy is not as much work as it seems. You can even do it all by yourself, without the aid of a hired plumber. Before you begin to install your shower caddy, you must first choose the shower caddy you want in your bathroom. This will take a lot of careful planning and decision making.

Shower caddies that hang on the faucet can be installed easily. You must first take off your shower head by sliding the wire end of the shower head up the pipe. You can then install your shower caddy and then refasten your shower head. For shower caddies that are hung on shower curtain rings, you will not have to remove your shower curtain rings and you may simply attach your shower caddy. Shower caddy kits usually come with instruction manuals when purchased, so you will only need to follow the specified instructions.

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