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Effective Cheap Corporate Promotional Items

There are many cheap promotional items that effectively get your message across, some of the oldest of which are yard sticks, day planners, and calendars. Businesses have utilized these advertising mediums for centuries and no doubt will continue to do so for as long as there are products to sell and customers to attract.

Everyone needs a yardstick from time to time and passing out these eco-friendly wooden sticks at trade shows and local job fairs with your business name and slogan is a sure way to draw in consumers eager to get one and find out more about your product. The same holds true with day calendars and day planners everyone wants one, but your ad will be viewed on a daily basis by the consumer which is an excellent way to convert a passerby into a valued customer.

One of the most popular today is a travel mug, perfect for taking hot or cold beverages on the go. Tote bags are rapidly gaining ground as an environmentally friendly way to bag up your groceries or anything you can think of. With your company logo emblazoned on the side, wherever the mug or bag is carried in public, your business is receiving additional free advertising.

Sticky notepads make great corporate promotional give aways, as well as ink pens, key chains, refrigerator magnets, flashlights, and mouse pads, but these items are less likely to catch the attention of those away from the consumer’s home. Items that travel around in the public eye are by far the most cost-effective means of attracting new customers when utilizing promotional gifts. Consider items such as stadium seat pads or blankets, license plate frames, and car window decals made of easily removable vinyl-cling material.

Baseball-style caps are always a good give away, but the cheapest are less likely to be worn. A better quality cap is more likely to become a favorite and will become a highly visible form of advertising. Custom printed or embroidered caps are competitively priced and are perfect for distributing at open air events–especially on sunny days. Everyone loves to get a free T-shirt and many online promotional advertising outlets have such incredible deals they certainly make an excellent give away. The more colorful the graphics promoting your brand, the better.

The most common size is an XL and really no other size is necessary for eager and grateful consumers who know someone who can wear it if they cannot. Additional sizes are great for large corporate function give aways such as company picnics or open houses. No matter which items you select, your current and future customers will love any promotional items you may choose to give as free gifts.

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