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Elegance of a Cheap Opal Engagement Ring

opal engagement ringsOpals do emanate the radiant colors of the rainbow in the most remarkable way and because of that they do make a good deal of different pieces of ornament. This also includes making an engagement ring.  Regarded as “The Queen of Gems” due to its unsurpassed beauty and attractiveness, its charm is never equaled by any other precious stone.  It is popularly known for its superior class and quality, very unique on its own right. As a matter of fact, it is the best substitute for a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are commonly used in jewels despite the fact that it is very expensive when compared to opal.  However, opals are scarce in terms of availability in the market.

Before you embark yourself on buying opal engagement rings, you should first take into account that compared to a diamond stone it is much softer. Actually, diamonds have a rating of 10 out of 10 in terms of hardness whereas an opal is having a hardness of 5. It is actually half as hard as diamond. If you wanted to get an opal engagement ring, you need to understand first how the hardness of a gemstone will affect the engagement ring since it is not really as durable as diamond. And as such the case, the wearer then will need to take extra caution to take good care of the ring so as not to damage on the opal stone in it. It is very often that the main reason as why the opal in an engagement would get damaged would be due to the wearer’s carelessness and mishandling.

Of the different kinds of opals that exist, the boulder opal is stronger and actually more durable as compared to other types. Since it is much more robust than other types, then it would make a good deal of an engagement ring and will definitely last long just make sure though that it is well taken care of. And just as important as the hardness of the stone would be the setting that would be used for the ring. So far, the best to use would be the rub-over or bezel setting which actually secures the opal stone in the ring. On the other hand, a claw type of setting puts the opal stone in high risk of being damaged. Find information on the unique white opal engagement rings.

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