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Energy Star Lighting – Go Green!

Energy Star LightingWhen it comes to home fixtures, there are only 2 names that will cross your mind- Home Depot and Lowe’s.  And these two never failed when it comes to bringing happiness and contentment to their shoppers.

One of the main attractions of these two are the Energy Star Lighting. Energy Star is the international standard for efficient consumer products  that were sold and made in the United States of America. At first it was a government program in the united states in the year 90’s. That’s why home fixtures with the energy star logo is guaranteed affordable yet dependable.  And because of the duly trusted reputation of these line of products, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand Taiwan and the European Union eventually adopted this program.

From kitchen appliances, computers, building needs, everything you need, energy star has covered it all.

The Energy Star logo is given only to light bulbs that are efficient and passed the qualifications of the US Federal Government. Aside from being stylish and economical, Energy Star Lighting is known to reduce maintenance costs for up to 50 percent. The lights stay longer than the others so meaning you will only have a few times to change the bulbs in a lifetime. Another one is that it offers features that are synonymous to convenience like offering a wide variety of choices from indoor to outdoor, from the usual lighting facility to the extraordinary. So that would be getting a lot from a single bulb.

Energy Star products are not only environment friendly but also budget friendly. That’s why it’s not impossible for the Energy Star Lighting to remain one of the best sellers in the market when it comes to home fixtures.

Who would have said that having an elegant and sophisticated house is impossible with a tight budget? Well, not for Energy Star Lighting.

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