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Essential Guitar Pedals

guitar pedalsNew electric guitar players want to get that sound that’s typical of the electric guitar, one way to do that is to use multieffects boxes, or guitar effects pedals. The most commonly used are distortion, chorus, and delay. Of course, those aren’t the only effect, but they’re the ones almost everybody uses.

When you think of electric guitar you usually think of distortion. It’s been a hallmark of the guitar sound since the sixties. In fact every guitar amp comes with distortion. Unless you’ve got a decent sized amp though, yours might not sound so great. A distortion pedal can make a small practice amp sound better, and at lower volumes. Something to consider if you’ve got neighbor.

Similar to reverb, delay has the effect of doubling your playing. It’s not a large “washy” echo though more of a short delay, also known as slapback echo. You heard it a lot in the eighties hair band sound, but you still hear it today from country chicken picking, to the guitar sound of U2. It sounds good in both a clean and a distorted sound.

The third effect pedal that most guitarists use is the chorus pedal. Think of a single voice signing, as opposed to a full chorus – that’s what a chorus pedal does to your sound. It make you sound bigger, as though there were more than one guitar playing. It compliments the distortion pedal well, and that’s why people use it to get that big, full sound.

If you’re wondering which pedal to get first, then consider what you already have, unless your amp is really poor, then you’ve probably already got a usable distortion sound. If you can live with it, then get a chorus pedal next. Of course with pedals alone, you can put the effects in the order you want, a chorused guitar going into distortion sounds different than distortion going into a chorus effect. What’s nice about guitar pedals is that you can buy them as you can afford them.

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