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Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Home CCTV System

 CCTV systemCan you imagine a complete security fence without having a CCTV system? Actually today CCTV system is “must have” criteria for ensuring a smooth safety zone. Since this is your safety equipment, so you have to be serious while buying the CCTV System for your home.

In fact, it is not so much complicated to take decision regarding on purchasing the CCTV system. You need to just understand some basic concepts related with the equipment of CCTV system.

You can get these concepts from internet, physical & virtual stores, and the persons who use CCTV security. You also can visit Cool Home Security for getting the appropriate idea you required. Here are some key points which you should learn to determine the perfect products for your CCTV system.

Types of Lens

Simply all of us know that, lens is the primary part of any type of camera. CCTV cameras also need lens to perform. Now the point is that, which type of lens you should select? Okay do not be puzzled. I am telling you the way of selection. At first be informed that, two types of lenses are available. One is wide and another is narrow. The wide lens is better if you need to cover a longer range. But the image quality will be minimized. In case of narrow lenses, you will get better images but it would work for a lower range. So, the decision should be made according to your requirements. Here I would like to suggest you for choosing lens according to your range of coverage. Suppose, for outdoor surveillance, you can go for a wider lens; and in case of indoor, the narrow lens will be effective.

Color of the vision

The color of your vision is a factor. There are classifications of CCTV cameras based on color. They are mainly of two types, such as Color cameras and Black & White cameras. Color cameras are costly and are better for indoor surveillance system. The Black & White Cameras are cheaper and those would be better in outdoor monitoring. For getting good feed in night, select the camera featured with infrared or night view.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless cameras are easy to install and they are found to be more suitable for home uses. Wireless cameras have no hassle of wire setup thus you can change the location as you wish. Wired cameras are larger sized but their stability is better than wireless cameras.


Resolution is a scale related with image quality. The higher resolution will capture better images. The common CCTV Cameras are found to have the resolution of 380 to 420 TVLs. (TVL is the unit of measurement). You also get 480 to 570 TVLs in high configuration cameras.

So, this some factors you have to consider before buying the CCTV system. Make the final decision after having a clear idea about your needs.

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