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Fat burning foods and a clean eating diet

fat burning foodsIf you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling to gain control over your weight, you’ve probably had about all the diet advice you can stand.  Unfortunately, most of it has been wrong, particularly if you’ve taken any advice from the FDA or your physician.

Why is that?  Without venturing into politics, the FDA is chaired by agricultural business veterans who have an interest in selling grain, seed, and pesticide.  And if your physician is like most physicians, he or she graduated from medical school without taking a single nutrition course.

So it’s no wonder that there’s a dearth of decent dietary information available to help you start down the path of a clean eating diet.  To boot, you’ve probably heard that some mystical formula exists surrounding a miracle called “fat burning foods.”  Almost.  But not quite.

Foods don’t burn fat.  Your body does.  But certain foods create metabolic conditions conducive to your body utilizing fat as its primary energy source rather than dietary sugars.  If you guessed that the kinds of foods that entice your body to burn fat for energy don’t contain much in the way of sugars, you’re absolutely correct.  In fact, more than one credible biochemist has demonstrated the chemical pathways by which refined sugar intake leads not just to excess weight, but to obesity.

Unfortunately, we load our processed foods with high fructose corn syrup and other evil sugar manifestations, leaving our highly efficient fat storage mechanism – honed over millennia of hunting and gathering – completely overwhelmed by the glut of available energy.  What does it do with this excess energy?  Packs it away for a rainy day.  On our rumps.

Here’s how to create fat burning conditions in your body: eat meat and vegetables, seeds and nuts, some fruit, very little starch, and no sugar.  That’s it.  Nothing cosmic.  I lost 42 pounds and 70 cholesterol points following this simple statement, and never went hungry.

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