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Finding A Funny Business Slogan With Adwords

In times like these most small-business owners are especially conscious of where they spend money on their advertising. There’s an old saying that you waste half the money you put into ad campaign, the problem is that you never know which half! In the midst of an economic downturn an approach like this is no longer acceptable, especially when nowadays we have ways of measuring just how effective online advertising is.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that you’re putting your limited marketing budget to good use, why not run a Google Adwords campaign and test out a new funny business slogan for your company? A powerful slogan has a way of focusing the public on the brand you’re trying to promote because it conveys your message very quickly and has a better chance of being heard amid the din of today’s mediascape. You can hire a copywriter to come up with a shortlist business slogans for less than $100 and then quickly determine with Adwords which phrase people respond to most readily.

What happens is that you essentially split test maybe five different slogans by paying Google to put them as small text ads on Google sites such as Gmail and also relevant web publisher sites like bolts. All you do is supply the phrases, then Adwords does the rest. Does it all sound expensive? Well you can run a campaign with as little as $25. You are charged as your ads are clicked on, which means that you’re assured of getting solid information about which phrases are working.

Within just a day or two you’ll have an idea, backed up by actual data, as to which phrases people respond to most readily. Normally one or two phrases in these text ads get far more interest than the others, so you have a firm basis for choosing your next business slogan.

Looked at in terms of return on investment, the process I’ve just described would be a cheap way for any business to create their next marketing campaign. Remember that an effective slogan can be used across many different media, and even on items like T-shirts and hats, and for quite a long time. Unlike an unfocused advertising campaign, you will be actively reinforcing your brand as opposed to simply trying to “get the word out”. Using technologies unavailable even 10 years ago to spend more wisely on marketing has virtually no downside for cash-strapped smaller businesses, and can be an excellent way for you to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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