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Fishing Chair On Your Bait Boat

bait boatCarp fishing is an extremely specialised area of fishing that has become exceptionally popular in the UK over the past few years. The amount of anglers than now specialise in carp fishing significantly outnumber the amount of match fisherman and as you can imagine a whole industry has sprung up around this specialist niche. Carp are clever fish and the older – and hence bigger they are – the more difficult they are to catch. This need to catch carp and outwit these underwater beasts had given rise to some very high tech pieces of kit, and perhaps one of the most ‘gucci’ is that of the bait boat.

Unlike in many parts of the world where a bait boat is a vessel that you would sit in and fish from in carp fishing a bait boat is a radio controlled boat that you can control from the comfort of your fishing chair on the shore line.

A bait boat is an incredibly important pieces of kit and there are not many carp anglers that do not have one. The purpose of a bait boat is to accurately bait up a particular area that you wish to fish. Now, this may seem rather elaborate and not to mention costly, why can these carp anglers not use a catapult to fire the bait out in to location? Well, carp fishing usually takes place at least a 100 yards from the shore and it is very difficult to accurately bait up an area at this distance from the shore. The amount of bait that you will waste will be vast so having a bait boat where non of the bait is lost can actually save you money depending on how often you fish.

Using a bait boat is simple – you load up the hopper on the back, sail it to the spot you want to drop the bait, press a button, the hopper doors open and the bait is dropped with pin point precision in the area you wanted baiting up. Easy – no fuss and no waste!

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