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Full spectrum T5 fluorescent grow lights

Full spectrum T5 fluorescent grow lightsGrow lights are used to grow plants, vegetables and herbs inside a home or greenhouse. The systems developed over the years for indoor gardens are very efficient for helping you create the garden and plants you desire. There are different types of grow lights to help you do this.

Incandescent lighting are the regular bulbs used in most homes. These lights produce a good source of heat and red spectrum light. They can be used to an extent to help grow plants but produce a poor source of blue light, which plants need, and use excessive amounts of energy compared to other bulbs. With the heat these bulbs produce it is easy to burn the tender leaves on plants because maintaining the amount of light and distancing the heat is difficult to do.

Full spectrum T5 fluorescent grow lights have a good balance of cool and warm light for plants. They are inexpensive and produce twice the amount of light as incandescent bulbs using the same amount of energy. They are used for the beginning stages of seedlings as well as different stages of the growth cycle. These bulbs are great for simulating bright sunlight which seedlings need at first but can also be bought in different spectrums per the plants needs.

High pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor bulbs are all considered high intensity. They give off twice as much light as incandescent and fluorescent kinds using the same amount of energy. Mercury vapors are in the color spectrum of yellow, orange and red on the Kelvin and are great for the flowering stages of plants. The light bulb itself is expensive but because the lumens are high level, the energy saved is considerable. Metal halides are bluish white on the Kelvin and are great for growing all plants because it keeps the plants stocky and healthy instead of leggy and thin, these lights are especially important if you are using a grow tent. Many serious indoor gardeners choose these bulbs over others because of their proven results.

Grow lights are highly developed now and can offer a variety of color spectrums specific to your needs as a home gardener. Researching your plants color spectrum needs will help you choose the right kind of bulbs.

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