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Fun Having A Touch Lamp

touch lampSome home appliances may quite possibly exist with the primary function to entertain or just because they’re cool to play around with. The touch lamp may just be one of these, though of course, they have a very practical role to play as well. They work well especially as a bed-side lamp or near the couch, or in a place where you might find it awkward to find the wire with the switch. They also serve well in that they don’t collect grime or dirt in any switch.

However, there’s something about this kind of lamp that works as a conversation starter, and even better if you know just how it works, you can get people nodding along as their eyes glaze over, clearly not understanding much, especially when you use big words like electrons, capacitance, and go on about circuits, capacity, and voltage. Capacitance, by the way, is a scientific principal—the capacity of an object to hold electrons. Because the lamp can only hold so many electrons, when you touch the lamp, the capacitance of your body adds to that of the lamp, making it turn on. That’s the simple version, anyway. There are plenty more explanations if you really want to get into how it works, search online and really blow your friends away with your knowledge of your new toy, oh sorry, appliance.

Even a regular lamp can be converted to ‘touch’ by adding a special wall plug-in, just so long as the lamp has some metal in it somewhere. There are a variety of styles and types, you can even get one for your bathroom, or there are bigger outdoor lamps as well. The trick is that there has to be metal in the lamp, preferably in the lamp shade, as most do.

Many versions of these lamps can be made to be dimmer or brighter by the power of touch, again because of the science of capacitance. The first time you touch it, you’re only releasing enough electrons to make the lamp function at approximately 33%, the second touch brings you to about 66% and the third touch gives you 100% power. It works in a way like flipping a light switch over and over again very quickly, going up in speed with each touch.

Now you have the basics down to understand the touch lamp you’ll have a great time starting up conversations, to keep your friends “enthralled” as well as demonstrating by touching the light again and again.

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