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Fun Toddler Bedding

toddler beddingLittle boys have always loved fire trucks, airplanes and trains.  In fact, by the time the little one is ready to move from the crib to the toddler bed he will have already developed an affinity for almost anything that moves.  If he has become a fan of Thomas the Train, there is nothing like creating his first bedroom around the character.

Thomas the Train toddler bedding is not only a favorite among little boys, it is also a favorite among parents.  The colors are true, but not overwhelmingly bright as some.  The shades of blue are bright but not too bright.  A touch of darker red or brighter yellow on the bedding comforter will give the mom or dad three good colors to work with.  Some parents may wish to have greater variety in colors, but in many cases the first bedroom can look somewhat dominated by color rather than pattern.  Depending on the child’s personality, using fewer colors — such as those in the Thomas the Train toddler set — will help keep the youngster calm at bedtime.

As children develop their likes and dislikes, creating the first bedroom around his favorite characters will make the transition easier for him and for his parents.  As much as children want to have a “big” bed, they often become frightened the first few nights when the lights are turned off.  Surrounding the child with characters that make him feel secure will make the move from the crib to the bed much easier.  Read him a “good night” story straight from his favorite Thomas the Train book as he is tucked in between the covers.  Add a soft plush stuffed Thomas the Train toy and he will hold onto it throughout the night.

Of course, with toddlers beginning to recognize more and more television characters from Sesame Street to the Disney Channel there are selections of toddler bedding for every preference.  Whether he loves Thomas the Train or Elmo or she loves Dora the Explorer of a Disney Princess, there is a bedding set that help the toddler make the transition from the cradle or crib to the bed.

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