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Futon Mattresses: Ultra Modern yet Traditional Furniture Items

Futon MattressesIt’s only natural for people who live in small spaces to want to maximize the area they live in. This is one of the reasons why futon mattresses are so popular these days. They are functional, as these items can serve as a bed or a couch. These furniture pieces can also be very stylish because they come in various types of slipcovers, frames and mattresses.

Futon slipcovers come in a myriad of designs and colors. You can choose according to style, brand, price or function. There are also functional futon covers, such as those that have non-slip grip pads and those that are spill resistant. Just keep in mind that personalized or customized futons are priced higher than regular ones. This is also the case with futon mattresses. But there are reasonably priced high quality futon varieties, too. You can check out furniture shops for this, or ask a reputable futon supplier. Mattresses are often made by layering different types of materials. The most commonly used combinations are cotton and wool or foam for softer mattresses, and cotton and polyester for more firm ones. Futons of the latter variety will work best as a futon sofa bed, as well as those with inner spring design. For futon frames, there are bi-fold, tri-fold and loveseat futon frames. The most well-liked kinds are the bi-fold ones since these are the easiest to adjust and make into either a couch or a bed.

Futon mattresses have been around in Japan for a long time. Although this type of furniture piece has just become popular in the West, it quickly became well-known because it is a functional furnishing, and one which can be styled according to your place’s décor very easily. So, if you want to make the most of your living space, or if you just want to add charm to a small nook, get a convertible futon.

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