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Future Clothes For Women

future clothesFuturistic clothing is becoming increasingly popular in women’s fashion. The most common futuristic trends, or space age clothing line trends, include metallic fabrics and colours, geometric shapes, sleek and tight-fitting materials, raised collars and abstract cut-outs. Futuristic clothes can be shiny and sparkling, plain and sharply tailored, or smooth and clinging.

Hotpants, short dresses and mini-skirts, made out of metallic, rubber or plastic fabrics, are common staples of women’s futuristic clothing, as are leggings made out of patent leather or similar shiny and tight-fitting materials. Popular colours for these leggings are metallic shades such as gold, silver and bronze, as well black or white. Wear such leggings with mini-dresses or tunics. Coats and jackets designed to go with futuristic outfits are sleek and simple, commonly coming in dark grey, silver or black.

The latest futuristic clothing trends showcase highly visible shoulder details and clothes with very defined structure and shape. Particular details and accessories include metallic-coloured sequins, visible zips, metal and gem studs, asymmetric cuts, sci-fi inspired sunglasses and angular hats. The space-age inspired dresses most favoured by the fashion critics at the current time tend to be made from silver and blue metallic fabrics. You can incorporate such a dress into a daring evening outfit by teaming it with patent leather black stilettos, a big metallic handbag and a sharply tailored black or grey jacket with shoulder pads.

Accessories that match future clothes well include silver jewellery, geometric gold earrings, glittery shoes and metallic purses. The thing to remember is not to overdo the metallic  accessories, lest they overwhelm and suffocate your whole look.

If you don’t want to be dressed head-to-toe in futuristic clothing, try combining one piece of such clothing with more conservative pieces. You could wear a metallic shirt with plain black leggings and a simple, tailored waistcoat made out of a non-shiny material. To start with, you could even just buy some futuristic accessories to team with your usual outfits, eventually building up to wearing futuristic clothing.

However you choose to wear it, it’s possible to make futuristic clothing look classy and stylish as well as innovative and unique. Wear clothes that suit your body shape. Fuller figured women can try wearing metallic belts to clinch in their waist or steampunk-inspired corsets to create a sexy silhouette. Those women with a slender body shape might consider straight cut mini-dresses and figure-hugging leggings. Pick accessories that suit your outfit. Remember to have fun with the look, because having fun is what futuristic clothing is all about, after all.

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