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Generic Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

generic heartworm medicine for DogsThere are some fantastic generic heartworm medicine for Dogs that work exactly the same as the more expensive ones, and the only difference is in the packaging.

The more expensive manufacturers obviously have to pay for a great amount of advertising and media interest, so this pushes the price of their products up higher than the less well known brands, but you can now treat your dog with a generic medication at a fraction of the price.

For  the price of a few cups of quality coffee in the coffee shops you can protect your dog for 6 months, with cheap heartworm medicine, and as we are all watching our pennies these days it is a very affordable way of keeping your pet healthy and totally free from heartworm disease.

Valuheart and Nuheart are generic treatments which are available at a very low price, and they contain exactly the same active ingredients as the more expensive well advertised brands.

Dog owners always used to think that they had to purchase the more expensive well known options, but have now realized that as the active ingredients are the same they are only paying for better packaging.

All pet medications have to go through extreme testing before they can be released to the public, so you can be assured that generic medications are just as safe as any more expensive ones.

The treatment is just one small tablet a month, and they are sold in packs of 6 at a very low price, so you will be protecting your pet for a full half of the year at a very cheap price.

Because the tablets are smaller they are much easier to give to your pet, either as they are or mixed with their favorite food, which will take the stress out of trying to persuade your dog to swallow a larger tablet.

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