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Get a Diploma in Social Work

diploma in social workThere are three practices in the social work service industry.  The Mezzo level, Micro level, and the Macro level.

  1. Mezzo Level: The mezzo social work level usually will work with families or small groups that can use a social workers assistance and experience.

  1. Micro Level:  The micro social work level will usually work on a one on one basis with clients.  They enjoy working with the individuals and usually get to know them pretty well.  An example would be a Case manager in foster care.  They will assist the client with all of their needs

  1. Macro Level:  The macro social work level will work with larger groups and organizations.  This could mean that a social worker can be working to help change law that slow the growth of the client population.

It is important to note that all social workers will work in all three levels.  Many decide they like one better than the other so they can go back to that level if that is their preference.

A diploma in social work is the minimum requirement to work as a social worker.  You can obtain a 4-year degree and have a Bachelors of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology or related fields.  Or also you can obtain a masters degree in the same fields.

The highest paid workers in the Social Work field will have their Masters or PhD.

Social work can be one of the most complex careers that a person can find himself or herself involved in.  But, at the same time it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling fields.  Social workers deal with a variety of client populations and client issues.  Some find themselves liking one area and disliking another area of social work.  Therefore, if a person begins working in one area and then finds they are unable to handle that area then they can just simply switch their client population.

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