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Gift Basket Coupons Make Saying Thank You To Customers More Cost Effective

gift basket couponsMany companies rely on gift baskets as a way of saying thank you to key customers. When selecting a gift basket, there are several things that must be considered. It is important that the gift basket conveys the correct message and is an appropriate size to align with the message. It should also contain items that are appropriate for the customer. It is equally important that the cost of the gift basket stays within the constraints of the company’s budget.

One way that companies can provide excellent gift baskets while staying within the company’s budget is to utilize gift basket coupons. Even ten or fifteen percent off can make a significant difference in the price of the gift basket. This can result in the customer receiving a gift basket that appears to be much more lavish than the price tag actually reflects. At full price, the company may be able to only include a few selections; after the coupon, additional items may be added to the gift basket. The purchasing agent in every company should be looking for opportunities to reduce costs. This is equally true if it is the salesperson or the secretary who is responsible for ordering gift baskets. There are many places online where gift basket coupon codes can be located for a wide variety of gift baskets from many nationally recognized companies known for providing excellent service and high quality.

Some companies feel that they get the best of value by negotiating a consistent rate with a single gift basket company. While they may be getting the best rate, this often limits the variety of gift basket options available. Because gift baskets that are more aligned with the customer’s interests have more impact, limiting the selection can have an adverse effect. However, negotiating for a lower price when a large order is placed can be a good strategy. For example, if every client will be sent a holiday gift basket, then working with a single company to provide all the necessary baskets would likely result in a better price for that order. Most companies can even customize orders like this so that clients are segmented into groups and each group receives a different level gift basket. Utilizing gift basket coupons provides the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies and provide a true variety of gift basket options. It allows the ability to order a golf special basket for one customer and a chocolate lover’s basket for another. Often these companies have promotions which allow for even better choices and still allow for discounts when using gift basket coupons.

Another advantage of using multiple companies is that it appears you are not ordering gift baskets as frequently. This can prompt the companies to send gift basket coupons in e-mails or via direct mail marketing. It also allows for comparison shopping, if gift baskets from different companies offer similar selections. There are often gift basket coupons and promotions available around major holidays. These coupons may be found in local newspaper advertisements, online or even directly on the gift basket websites. However, these may not be appropriate for all customers. While a great gift basket coupon in February may offer a wonderful gift for your special someone, it may not offer a good choice for your new client.

Finally it is important that you do not allow the lure of utilizing gift basket coupons result in actually paying a higher price. Sometimes, the price for an item from one vendor without the coupon may be lower than the price for a similar item from a different vendor even after the coupon. It still pays to do appropriate comparison shopping to ensure that the best selection is made for the company and the client.

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