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Good Tips for Selecting Tabletop Water Dispenser

 tabletop water dispenserTabletop water dispensers are good for dispensing fresh drinking water. Instead of claiming their usual spots in the offices, they are also getting more popular among various households recently. Many people like the taste of drinking fresh water compared to their heavily chlorinated water.

When shopping around for a tabletop water dispenser, you need to check how is their stability when placed on a tabletop. Other than checking their stability, you also need to see if they will slide on the table. As a tabletop water dispenser is much lighter than the standing water dispenser, it might be easily pushed over the edge when the water bottle has become empty and there is little weight to stabilize the water dispenser.

Some of the tabletop water dispenser have a narrow connection point between the water bottle and the water dispenser. Hence, you need to push the connected water bottle to see if it will topple the water dispenser. If the weight is not evenly distributed to the based of the dispenser, it could be easily knocked over by a simple push on the water bottle.

Other than checking its stability, it is also a good point to check the dispensing mechanism of the lever. Some of the water dispensers have a few drops of water dripping off the spout after you have released the lever. This is not a good design as it can wet the table and floor if you are not careful. Dripping spout can also be an indicator of more severe leakages in the future.

Finally, you need to check the water flow. Some of the water dispensers have an incredibly slow water dispensing speed that it takes about 30 to 40 seconds just to fill a glass of water. Unless you want your family members to queue up for water, it is not a good idea to have this type of water dispensers in your home.

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