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Hair Removal Remedy Sugar Wax Arm Hair

sugar wax arm hairRemoval of unwanted hair has been an important exercise over centuries and people have found various ways to deal with this task. One of the oldest and successful techniques found was removing hair by sugaring. Sugaring is almost like waxing, the initial stinging pain caused by plucking of hair fading away after one gets used to it. But unlike in waxing, sugaring method only pulls the hair out, thus causing less or no pain at all on the body. So, to sugar wax arm hair may be the least painful and most economical hair removal method for you.

This is economical because you can make the sugar wax yourself at home easily by using the most basic ingredients. All you need is 2 cups of sugar, quarter cup of water and quarter cup of lemon juice that you mix together and heat for about 10 minutes. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes after it reaches boiling point. When the color of the mixture turns to amber or brown, store it in a jar and cool it. Wait till it is sufficiently cold enough to touch the material and is stretchable. Spread a spoonful of material on the hairy surface of your arm and pull. If the sugar wax is done properly, it will easily pull out the hair. An overdone or underdone sugar wax will not be effective.

If the material sticks to the surface of the arm then it is not done yet, and if it is brittle then the mixture is over boiled. But with little practice and experience, one will be able to make her own sugar wax for self use. The remaining sugar wax can be stored in a jar and used in the future by reheating. There are many hair removal methods for women that can be used to prevent excessive hair growth, though sugar waxing is the fastest and painless method available.

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