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Hanging Bubble Chair

Hanging Bubble ChairHanging chairs are a less common type of chair for two reasons. The first reason is that hanging chairs are more difficult to install when compared to the common floor chair. Special attention must be paid to the location and tools needed for installation in order to create a safe setup. The second reason for their lack of popularity is their eccentric design. Even if people like the design, they can be too shy to express it in their home. Perhaps they think that such a chair would be too gaudy in their living room or bedroom. To own such a chair, one must get past these preconceptions.

On the extreme side is the hanging bubble chair, a bubble-shaped seat which is unlike any you have ever seen. The chair is made from a plastic sphere which is a single piece. The piece is cut in the front to create an entry hole. Users enter this hole back first and sit down on the cushions inside. The cushions are placed on the bottom and are accompanied by a set of fluffy pillows. Once inside of the bubble, users can lift their feet off the ground and swing around gently. The bubble attaches to a chain from a piece of round metal on the entrance hole. The chain runs up to the ceiling where it mounts to a sturdy industrial hook.

Users should always select a location which has space on all sides of the chair. You can mount the chair indoors by locating a wood beam in the ceiling using a stud finder. After drilling a correctly sized pilot hole, you can drive in a large cup hook. Always use the hardware provided, as this has been rated for all the proper loads. Proper installation is key when using a hanging bubble chair. Bubble chairs are way cooler than a folding stool or other standard chair.

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