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High Heels the Golden Shoe

golden shoeDid you know that the inventor of the shoes with high heels is not a woman but a man?, the well known and best painter of all times that ever lived who was also an aeronautical, civil, and military engineer, Leonardo DaVinci? His inventions, the high heels are still fashionable in our times that even golden shoe designs have adopted their style and remain popular among women who want to project their heights. The high heels usually come in 2 to 4 inches high and that would considerably pumps up a woman of 5 feet or lesser in height and some of the attractive kinds are the evening shoes for women.

The woman of today finds no problem in combining her gold dress shoes in high heels with any kind of dress she would choose to wear since gold is a neutral color and it would adopt with whatever color your dress would be and she could wear the shoes both during the day as well as during the night. Gold shoes are good for daily affairs in your office work or attending for mal business meetings or social gatherings that you would be attending in the night and wearing gold shoes would give an added boost to your image with your friends or associates.

The universality of shoes coupled with mankind’s love for gold or colors attributed to it has encouraged big shoe manufacturers to concentrate their resources in the further development of shoes and use gold in their designs and several of the men and women dress shoes carry some distinct shades of gold in them. There are shoes that are entirely gold in colors while some are partially designed in gold but both are stand outs among all the dress shoes in their respective show windows as gold exudes that different kind of elegance that is not present with other colors and that is the quality of gold of being the best even in shoes.

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