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How Long Before Your Business Is Successful?

I am a DUI attorney. I am also a small business owner. I own my law firm. I opened my law firm about 10 months ago. It’s been quite an eye opening experience, mostly in a good way. Little by little, month by month I’ve begun to entrench myself in my market and am beginning to be recognized as a good DUI and criminal lawyer in my city.

But, something is bothering me. My business isn’t where I want it to be. Not by a long shot. I am growing little by little every month, and feel like I have some momentum, however small that might be, but there is still that question in the back of my my mind about how long it will take until I know I’ve made it.

Usually when I have questions like this I turn to two places – the internet and my peers. I looked around on the internet, but didn’t really find much information that was helpful. It seems like on the internet everyone is in some small way trying to sell something or impress someone, so things are a little bit overblown. So I turned to my peers.

I’m lucky enough to share office space with another law firm that is very successful, and very successful in my practice area. So, I did what I normally do. I marched into the guy’s office, made sure he wasn’t too busy, and started peppering him with questions about his business.

Before I could even get out of my mouth how long he thought it took him to really feel like his business was successful he said “five years.” He also said that he does a mastermind type of group with some other business owners that are not attorneys, and to a person they all thought it took about five years to really hit your stride as a business.

What does this mean? If you are a DUI lawyer who’s just opened a firm or an electrician who is thinking about striking out on their own, remember that it’s going to take time to get to where you want to go. The important thing is to realize daily, weekly, and monthly goals so you can hit those yearly goals. Good luck.

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