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How To Clean Grout With Tile Cleaners

how to clean groutThe first tip I can give on how to clean grout and help make cleaning grout more enjoyable is to not have to do it as often.  There are two ways that you can do this, the first way is to make sure that you sweep clean any tiled floor areas on a daily basis.  This will keep dirt and grime from grinding into the tile.  Also if you have spills or anything like that make sure that you clean them up immediately so that they do not get soaked into the ground.  The second way that you can do to help you clean your grout as often is by applying a good quality grout sealer to your grout.  After your grout is clean, take a couple of extra minutes that you need to apply a grout sealer so that you will not have to clean it as often and so that when you clean it you will not have to deal with grout stains.

The second tip is to remove grout stains with a bleach pen.  Usually, what you want to do is to let the bleach sit there for about 8 to 10 minutes then rinse with water.  Don’t use this method too often because bleach can actually damage grout over time.  You want to make sure to thoroughly rinse the area so that the bleach is will not continue on deteriorating the grout after you have removed the stain.

Another tip to help you with cleaning grout on countertops is to use a little bit of fresh lemon juice.  A few drops of lemon lime will actually disinfect and whiten the grout.  Also, it will leave you with a smell that is both delicious and invigorating.

The fourth tip is to not use harsh chemicals.  Over time harsh chemicals can destroy the grout.  You should only use mild solutions at first.  If for some reason they don’t work, you may want to try a little bit stronger cleaners.  Two tile cleaners that I recommend to people are kaboom and soft scrub because I think it does a great job at scrubbing and it allows you to get out most of the grout stains. Also they are not super harsh cleaners.

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