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How to Get Some Money Today

get some moneyIf creditors have gotten your number and call again and again, if your car payment is due but your bank account is zero. If the electric company has said that there are no more warnings, you need to find some way to come up with some cash, fast.

If you have spent all your last paycheck on food, if your child comes home from school with a note detailing an unexpected expense, or if you need to unexpectedly repair your car, you need to find some way to come up with some cash, fast.

It is always a better idea to avoid borrowing money. If you borrow from friends or relatives it can terribly strain, or even ruin, that relationship. There is only so much money you can make from selling your personal items and you would need time to set up and advertise a garage sale. When you think, “I need some money today,” here are some ideas what to do:

1. Go around your neighborhood and offer to clean basements or garages, wash cars, mow the lawn, shovel the snow–any jobs that neighbors may find unpleasant. It may help your cause if you explain why you need the extra money, but caution is advised in that. You may not want your neighbors to be aware of your financial condition.

2. Call friends with children and offer to babysit their children for the evening. You need to make sure it is clear from the beginning that this is not a volunteer job, though.

3. If any of your friends or relatives owe you money, call them and request a repayment of some, if not all, of their debt.

4. Put a car wash sign in your driveway and wash cars that pull in. You may want to advertise with a handmade sign in between customers.

5. Bake some fresh cookies or bread and go door to door selling your wares.

If you are creative you can find a way to get some money while avoiding the trap of borrowing.

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