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How To Lose Weight Fast To Achieve Your Goals

how to lose weight fastDespite how it may look, how to lose weight fast and easy isn’t reserved for the rich and glamorous. Though many people resort to drastic options such as diet pills, fasting and life threatening workouts, a simpler, more effective solution, although slow would be to watch what you eat and regular exercise.

If you burn off calories faster than how much you gain calories, it means you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, if you wanted to know how to lose weight fast and safe, you wouldn’t be here reading this article now, wouldn’t you?

Oftentimes, people will do drastic means in their weight loss programs in order to see results — ludicrous diets, peculiar pills or those weird workout machines that promises instant results.

The true answer on how to lose weight fast without pills or any other means is to accept the fact that there are no shortcuts. Just like fitness, weight loss is achieved by habitual actions that require discipline as you adopt small changes each and every day that shows promising results.

Rules of Weight Loss

For an average human being, an approximate amount of 3500 calories must be burned to lose a pound of fat. That may sound like a lot of calories to burn in just one day. However by taking it in strides, you can get started on an easy plan to help you burn just that many calories in a short span of time.

1. Maintain a diet that sticks to your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Your BMR is the minimum amount of calories needed to maintain normal functions.

2. Calculate your activity level. Record your daily activity to know just how much calories you burn in a single day. It helps to keep a journal or even wear a heart rate monitor that calculates calories burned.

3. Monitor your diet. Use a food journal to compute the calories you take in each day.

4. Sum them up. By taking your BMR number, added to your activity calories and then subtracting it to your food calories from that total amount. If the results show that you’re gaining more than you’re burning, you’ll have to either increase your activity or change your diet or else you’ll gain weight. But If you’re burning more than you eat, then you’re on the right track.

How Much Exercise Do I Need?

For many of our readers who wish to learn how to lose weight fast at home, the no-brainer solution is to do some basic exercises, as it is an important method if you wish to learn how to lose weight fast. Exercise varies from person to person. However, a recommended 250 minutes per week or about 50 minutes/day workout is adequate, followed by gradually adding more time and more workouts each week to make your body adapt and burn fat faster.

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